This is when and where we'll be doing our hybrid arts shenanigans next!

Thu. 8/12
Sun. 8/15
All day The National Flute Association Convention
Fri. 8/13 8:00 PM Gala Concert Honoring Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Leone Buyse and Fenwick Smith

Hilary Abigana and Greg Jukes perform "The Little Match Girl" 

Story by Hans Christian Andersen

Music by Brett Abigaña

Choreography by C. Neil Parsons

Sun. 8/15 10:30 AM "Restless Flute Syndrome" The Fourth Wall demonstrates the phenomenon known as "Restless Flute Syndrome" in which there is an urge or need to dance and act while playing or performing. Program L'Histoire du Soldat de Jouet by B. Abigaña "Gramophone" from Four... more
Sat. 10/9 All day Choreographer Showcase at Windfall Dancers Studios

The Fourth Wall performs as part of C. Neil Parsons's Choreographer Showcase

Program TBD

Fri. 10/22
Sun. 10/24
All day Boston Composer's Coalition

Inaugural Concert of the Boston Composer's Coalition

Works by B. Abigaña, J. van Buskirk, J. Casinghino, D. Ianni

Program TBD

Thu. 12/16 7:30 PM TFW in Bloomington PROGRAM: Pas de Trois by Justin Casinghino The Little Match Girl by Brett Abigaña From One, Apart by Jeremy Van Buskirk Baroque Monstrosity (Ramon Remixes Rameau) by Ramon Castillo Trasparenze d'Accenti by Davide ... more
Sat. 2/12 7:00 PM New York City's Percussive Arts Society - Weekend of Percussion

We will be a part of the evening's Collage Showcase Concert


"Sack" from Baroque Monstrosity by Ramón Castillo

From One, Apart by Jeremy Van Buskirk

Sun. 2/20 3:00 PM TFW at the Henderson Fine Arts Center BESs PROGRAM: L'Histoire du Soldat de Jouet by B. Abigaña Trasparenze d' Accenti by Davide Ianni From One, Apart by Jeremy Van Buskirk *pause* Baroque Monstrosity by Ramón Castillo I. Bird II. Eye III. Sack IV. Jean Q. Pu... more
Sun. 4/17 11:30 AM Workshop with Houston Youth Symphony Students

We will be working with chamber ensembles and individuals of the Houston Youth Symphony on various aspects of the hybrid arts!

Mon. 7/18
Fri. 7/22
All day The Fourth Wall at Pilobolus! We will be participating in a workshop with Pilobolus master teachers and learning about the inner world of the Pilobolus collaborative creative process. If you haven't heard of Pilobolus, go to their website. Then watch their videos, because thes... more
Mon. 11/28 6:30 PM Masterclass @ IU - Branching Out: Music Out on a Limb We will be presenting a masterclass for the combined trombone studios at Indiana University entitled, "Branching Out: Music Out on a Limb". We will be performing selections from the following repertoire: Subadobe by Fredrik Hogberg Four Last Songs... more
Sat. 1/14 8:00 AM Flute Society of Kentucky's Flute Festival

We will be presenting a workshop entitled "Hybrid Arts 101" for flutists of all ages and levels of experience. Please come with an open mind and a willingness to jump out of the box!

4:30 PM Flute Society of Kentucky's Flute Festival We will be performing our program "Where is My Mind?" at the FSK festival! Of course, since this is a flute event, we're making our flute player bust out a solo piece after she gets out of her pointe shoes! Program: L'Histoire du Soldat de Jouet b... more
Thu. 3/8
Fri. 3/9
All day MAD Skills with The Windfall Dance Company We will be dancing and performing with the Windfall Dance Company (Bloomington, IN)! The program, entitled MAD Skills (Music And Dance Skills), will feature the dance company accompanied by LIVE LOCAL musicians! Our musical contribution will include... more
Sat. 4/14 5:40 PM Indiana Day of Percussion Greg and Neil perform at the Indiana Percussive Arts Society's Day of Percussion! The Fourth Wall's segment will be "Tongues" by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin, a play about voices from all walks set to percussion. Here's where it's happening: Ind... more
Sun. 5/6 9:00 AM Greg and Hilary at the Unitarian Universalist of Indianapolis

Greg and Hilary will perform excerpts from L'Histoire du Soldat Jouet during the UUI's Sunday services.

Mon. 5/7 7:30 PM Spotlight Indy 2012: Seeing Red This is a wonderful event and we are so please to be a part of it! We will be performing Astor Piazzolla's "Bordel - 1900" from Histoire du Tango. Spotlight 2012: Seeing Red A night of theater, dance, music, and spoken word performances to raise mo... more
Tue. 5/8 7:00 PM TFW at Warren Central High School

We're performing for music students and families of the music department at Warren Central High School. 

Program to include works by Abigaña, Castillo, Vaugh Williams and Piazzolla.

Thu. 5/10 8:00 PM TFW at the White Rabbit We're performing our first show in Indianapolis at the White Rabbit Cabaret in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. Program to include works by Abigaña, Knussen, Van Buskirk, Castillo and Vaughn Williams Please note that while The Four... more
Thu. 7/19
Sun. 7/22
All day International Flute Symposium We will be the Ensemble in Residence at the International Flute Symposium at West Virginia University! We will be performing, teaching and having a whole lot of fun. For information on the symposium, please visit: more
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