Fruit Flies Like a Banana

3 performers. 20+ pieces. 60 minutes.

Working at break-neck speed, the multi-talented performers of the The Fourth Wall combine music, theatre, and dance in this sprint-triathlon variety show. The audience chooses the show order by picking cards from a deck and even determine parameters for some pieces created on the spot. Every performance is unique! As the onstage timer ticks down, The Fourth Wall will blow your mind with tricks, bust your gut with laughter, and maybe even bring a tear to your eye with beautiful music. 

Time flies like an arrow... Fruit Flies Like a Banana!!

Every performance of "Fruit Flies" is different - from show order to parameters to repertoire. We're always adding new pieces, changing old pieces, and finding new ways to make our friends and fans join in. Inspired by Chicago's Neo-Futurists' "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" (30 plays in 60 minutes), we strive to turn conventional classical music performances on their ear and leave our audiences with a good feeling in their belly. "Fruit Flies" was premiered at the 2013 IndyFringe Festival in August 2013 and has been performed at festivals, universities, schools, and performing arts centers across the country ever since. 

Awards for and Reviews of Fruit Flies

Five stars, #6 seller of 174 shows - Minnesota Fringe 2016

Jenny Award, 5 stars from the Winnipeg Free Press, 5 stars from CBC Manitoba - Winnipeg Fringe 2016

Full Frontal Pass Pick of the Fringe - Cincinnati Fringe 2016

Patron's Pick of the Green Venue - Orlando Fringe 2016

Audience Choice Award for "Best of the Green Venue" - Orlando Fringe 2015

Critics' Choice Award for "Best Family Show" - Orlando Fringe 2015

Five stars, #10 seller of 174 shows, only out-of-town company to win a coveted encore performance - Minnesota Fringe 2015

Miller Award, #3 seller of 64 shows - Indyfringe 2015

This fun little team is so talented and captivating; they sweep the audience up into a ball of energy right from the start 

and you’ll find yourself smiling from start to finish at all the unexpected surprises that they nestle into the show.

- One Girl, Two Cities

Minnesota Fringe, 2016

 Serious music by seriously talented musicians in a show that doesn't take itself seriously at all.
- CBC, Manitoba
Winnipeg Fringe 2016

The trio is funny and engaging while remaining masterful in both movement and musicianship.
- Stacy Sims, CityBeat
Cincinnati Fringe 2016

“Fruit Flies Like a Banana” is musical, mesmerizing and pure Fringe magic.

- Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Fringe 2016

My 11-year-old leaned over and said, "These people are really talented." She totally refused to see this show, but I dragged her. Afterwards she couldn't stop talking about it.

- Desdamona Racheli, audience review

Minnesota Fringe 2015

Their musicianship would be impressive if they just stood still and stared at their music stands 
and their acrobatics would impress if they never saw an instrument, but together they make stage magic.
- Carl F. Gauze, Archikulture Digest
Orlando Fringe 2015

Fruit Flies Like a Banana is a musical happy place. It's full of joy and love and passion that never, ever takes itself seriously. If you think you don't like classical music, go. If you think you do like classical music, seriously go. This is simply, Fringe at its best. Don't miss it.
- Allison Carter, IndyFringe Talk
IndyFringe 2014

“The Fourth Wall Ensemble crams a mixture of fun gags and beautiful music into a frenetic hour of fun. [They] have winning personalities that guide you through the antics with charm and wit to spare. The mixture of classical music, pop hits, poetry, silly bits, dance, and audience participation is like going to an entire Fringe festival in just this one show. Bottom line: If you don’t smile during this show, you have no soul.” 
– Justin Brady, Mission Intrigue Indy
IndyFringe 2013

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