We've had the honor to present programs from Alaska to Anaheim, from Las Vegas to Louisiana. 

Our performance spaces have ranged from 10' X 10' office spaces to 2,000 seat theaters, from Caesar's Palace to gymnatoriums. 

Our audiences have ranged from kindergarten students to senior citizens, from 4 in the audience to 1,700! 

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Just as our performances are varied, so are our programs. We can't do our full repertoire in a 10' X 10' office space, but we can't do everything in a huge theater, either! Therefore, we're always changing the program order, length, focus, and style to fit the venue, day, and audience. 

So, while we'd love to say, "This is the program we'll be touring with in 2013!"... we can't. 

We typically tour with our sprint-trathlon variety show, "Fruit Flies Like a Banana" with an ever-changing set of repertoire.

Looking for something a little more interactive? How about "Mixer"?

We're also incredibly passionate about sharing our love of the hybrid arts in workshops, so please visit our  education page  for more information.