Since its founding in 2010, The Fourth Wall has toured extensively across North America, garnering praise from critics and audiences alike for its performances that blend music, dance, and theatre into a signature hybrid art form. The Fourth Wall Presents… is a new performance series which pairs the trio’s unique interdisciplinary approach with the work of other touring artists, many of whom will make their Boston debut. The Fourth Wall aims to deepen its connection to its home community and import amazing work discovered on its travels. With a range of performances including circus acts, Moth-style storytelling, and original one-act plays, The Fourth Wall Presents… will showcase works that defy description and transcend genre.



by Timothy Mooney

“Shakespeare as you’ve never seen before!” Award-winning Fringe veteran Tim Mooney turns “Julius Caesar” on its head, thick with passion and hilarity. You’ll roar for mutiny alongside Mark Antony, and understand Julius Caesar as you never imagined, as Mooney makes sense of Shakespeare’s three-hour epic in a wild one-hour romp just in time for the… wait for it… IDES OF MARCH!!

“Illuminates the archaic language for the modern ear… electrifying edutainment.” - Orlando Weekly

“The Shakespeare tragedy has never been so much fun and simultaneously instructive.” - The Pitch

“60 cardiovascular minutes that leave Mooney sweating, and his audience shouting ‘Huzzah!’”  - Orlando Sentinel

Breakneck Julius Caesar is an interactive one-man event, with the audience taking on roles of Senators, Conspirators and The Mob” in the course of the play. It comes to Boston by way of fringe festivals all over North America, winning raves and ovations. The Portland Fringe named it a “Critic’s Choice” and the Orlando Weekly calls it “Electrifying Edutainment” while KC Applauds gave it five stars, declaring it “Well-prepared, focused and magnificent.” Kansas City’s Pitch magazine cheers “The Shakespeare tragedy has never been so much fun and simultaneously instructive. It’s a Fringe go-to.” 

Following an intermission on Friday only, Mooney continues to “add by subtraction,” as Shakespeare by Request features an array of thirty-eight monologues, one from each of Shakespeare’s known plays, in response to whichever plays that the audience might want to shout out. In Tim’s interpretations, Shakespeare’s deep profundities ring with poignant irony, wit, sensationalism and a comic playfulness few knew lived in their shadows. 


March 15 @ 7:00 (w/ Shakespeare by Request)

MARCH 16 @ 5:30

The Lilypad

1353 Cambridge St.

Cambridge, MA