As a very visual ensemble, we record most of our performances and post a few of them here. However, video doesn't really do the art form justice. We highly recommend seeing a live show! 
We're much funnier there, anyway.
For information on where to catch our next live show, please navigate to our calendar.

The Fourth Wall presents Chopin on Hoverboards. Music: "Minute Waltz" by Frédèric Chopin. Filmed by Sarah Paterson January 2018 at Club OBERON.

Our version of Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever", with a flag lift, sparklers, and many helpers! * * * * Thank you to SEVENSUNS, Cardamom Quartet, Boyd Meets Girl Duo, & Chartreuse for sparkling with us!

"From One, Apart" explores unity and disunity both musically and physically. Features the aptly-named "flute blob."

"Bordel - 1900" from Histoire du Tango by Astor Piazzolla This first movement of Histoire du Tango explores the sounds and feel of early tango music. Originally written for flute and guitar, we have reimagined it as a three-person dance for flute, bass trombone, and accordion.
"Onomatopoeia" by Ramon Castillo Filmed and edited by Scot Quade at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA for the Equilibrium Concert Series.
Minute Waltz by Frederic Chopin Performed on hoverboards and arranged by The Fourth Wall - hybrid arts ensemble.
Tantrum #I-80 of the Terrible Twos Tour 2012 has us tangoing in the middle of an interstate. Traffic came to a dead stop and Greg suggested we grab the instruments and perform, so we did! Quite a few folks got out and watched.
Skating by Vince Guaraldi Arranged, choreographed, and performed by The Fourth Wall Performed at the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis, IN as part of A Very Phoenix Xmas 7: Gettin' Figgy Wit' It, Bryan Fonseca, director. Lighting by Laura Glover

"Gymnopédie No. 1" by Erik Satie arranged by The Fourth Wall Filmed and edited by Scot Quade at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA for the Equilibrium Concert Series.

World premiere performance of "Cinquillamente" by José Guillermo Puello at the International Flute Symposium in Morgantown, West Virginia. July 2013
Scherzo, allegro giocoso from Erwin Schulhoff's Flute Sonata Sparrow's Dream by Tony Brewer He sees nothing but the field mouse. The rest of the meadow drops away as he falls, cruel hooked beak first, and then wings fan and retract to catch the wind, faster and faster, his tail sculling in the blue expanse above the green.
"L'Histoire du Soldat Jouet" by Brett Abigana Choreography by C. Neil Parsons Videography by Shannon Schwait One fateful evening, Rene, the toy soldier, comes to life. He falls madly in love with the twirling ballerina, Collette. She spins gracefully on her glass box, but her motions are the work of springs and gears.


 Publicity Photos

Photo Credit for all photos: Andy Batt


The Fourth Wall performs on the NY PAS Weekend of Percussion's "Collage Concert"! Photo Credit and Copyright: Steven Silberstein Use on the website with permission from the photographer


February 2013, the trio traveled to Fairbanks, AK as guest artists for the new music festival.