We've had the honor to present programs from Alaska to Anaheim, from Las Vegas to Louisiana. Our performance spaces have ranged from 10' X 10' office spaces to 2,000 seat theaters, from Caesar's Palace to gymnatoriums. Our audiences have ranged from kindergarten students to senior citizens, from 4 in the audience to 1,700! 


Just as our performances are varied, so are our programs. We can't do our full repertoire in a 10' X 10' office space, but we can't do everything in a huge theater, either! Therefore, we're always changing the program order, length, focus, and style to fit the venue, day, and audience. So, while we'd love to say, "This is the program we'll be touring with in 2018!"... we can't. We typically tour with our sprint-trathlon variety show, "FRUIT FLIES LIKE A BANANA" with an ever-changing set of repertoire. 

We typically tour with our sprint-trathlon variety show, "FRUIT FLIES LIKE A BANANA" with an ever-changing set of repertoire. In the same essence of "play", we bring you 2018's new show, "FALLEN FROM THE TOY BOX", a musical reverie exploring youth and consequences.

Looking for something a little more interactive? How about "MIXER?"

We're also incredibly passionate about sharing our love of the hybrid arts in workshops, so please visit our WORKSHOPS PAGE  for more information.




From the award-winning creators of "Fruit Flies Like a Banana" come tales of youth and consequences. Inspired by our discarded mementos, this musical reverie revisits fairy tales, childhood games, and the secret life of toys. As always, the "seriously talented musicians" (CBC) of The Fourth Wall expertly blend music, theatre, and "deft choreography." (Wall Street Journal) "Wonderfully inventive, artistic, creative and smart." (Orlando Sentinel)





3 Performers.. 20+ Pieces. 60 Minutes

Working at break-neck speed, the multi-talented performers of the The Fourth Wall combine music, theatre, and dance in this sprint-triathlon variety show. The audience chooses the show order by picking cards from a deck and even determine parameters for some pieces created on the spot. Every performance is unique! As the onstage timer ticks down, The Fourth Wall will blow your mind with tricks, bust your gut with laughter, and maybe even bring a tear to your eye with beautiful music. 


Time Flies Like an Arrow... Fruit Flies Like a Banana!!

Every performance of "Fruit Flies" is different - from show order to parameters to repertoire. We're always adding new pieces, changing old pieces, and finding new ways to make our friends and fans join in. Inspired by Chicago's Neo-Futurists' "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" (30 plays in 60 minutes), we strive to turn conventional classical music performances on their ear and leave our audiences with a good feeling in their belly. "Fruit Flies" was premiered at the 2013 IndyFringe Festival in August 2013 and has been performed at festivals, universities, schools, and performing arts centers across the country ever since. 




Five stars, #6 seller of 174 shows — Minnesota Fringe 2016

Jenny Award, 5 stars from the Winnipeg Free Press, 5 stars from CBC Manitoba — Winnipeg Fringe 2016

Full Frontal Pass Pick of the Fringe — Cincinnati Fringe 2016

Patron's Pick of the Green Venue — Orlando Fringe 2016

Audience Choice Award for "Best of the Green Venue" — Orlando Fringe 2015

Critics' Choice Award for "Best Family Show" — Orlando Fringe 2015

Five stars, #10 seller of 174 shows, only out-of-town company to win a coveted encore performance — Minnesota Fringe 2015

Miller Award, #3 seller of 64 shows — Indyfringe 2015

This fun little team is so talented and captivating; they sweep the audience up into a ball of energy right from the start and you’ll find yourself smiling from start to finish at all the unexpected surprises that they nestle into the show.
— One Girl, Two Cities :: Minnesota Fringe, 2016
Serious music by seriously talented musicians in a show that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.
— CBC, Manitoba :: Winnipeg Fringe 2016
The trio is funny and engaging while remaining masterful in both movement and musicianship.
— Stacy Sims, CityBeat :: Cincinnati Fringe 2016
Fruit Flies Like a Banana” is musical, mesmerizing and pure Fringe magic.
— Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel :: Orlando Fringe 2016
My 11-year-old leaned over and said, “These people are really talented.” She totally refused to see this show, but I dragged her. Afterwards she couldn’t stop talking about it.
— Desdamona Racheli, audience review :: Minnesota Fringe 2015
Their musicianship would be impressive if they just stood still and stared at their music stands
and their acrobatics would impress if they never saw an instrument, but together they make stage magic.
— Carl F. Gauze, Archikulture Digest :: Orlando Fringe 2015
Fruit Flies Like a Banana is a musical happy place. It’s full of joy and love and passion that never, ever takes itself seriously. If you think you don’t like classical music, go. If you think you do like classical music, seriously go. This is simply, Fringe at its best. Don’t miss it.
— Allison Carter, IndyFringe Talk :: IndyFringe 2014
The Fourth Wall Ensemble crams a mixture of fun gags and beautiful music into a frenetic hour of fun. [They] have winning personalities that guide you through the antics with charm and wit to spare. The mixture of classical music, pop hits, poetry, silly bits, dance, and audience participation is like going to an entire Fringe festival in just this one show. Bottom line: If you don’t smile during this show, you have no soul.
— Justin Brady, Mission Intrigue Indy :: IndyFringe 2013









Mixer is an immersive performance experience that progresses seamlessly from event to event with the ebb and flow of a good party.

Every performance is as different as our audience, so come prepared to share, laugh, listen, watch, and move! 



So what do music, theatre, + dance have in common?

A LOT, ACTUALLY. And not just because musicians, actors, and dancers are all prone to stage fright. While the final presentations of their work can differ widely, there is considerable overlap between these disciplines. For instance, mastery of artistic elements such as phrasing, rhythm, and dynamic contrast is necessary to each craft. Dancers are often praised for their musicality, actors may be praised for their “dancer’s grace,” but musicians are not usually praised for their elocution or physical coordination. We think it’s time to change that. 

A hybrid arts workshop can broaden any performer's scope on how they develop and present their material. From musicians to actors to dancers to visual artists, baroque to twenty-first century, applying a hybrid arts approach to any project can give it exciting energy and new direction. Specific foci in a workshop may include how to work successfully in a group, building stage presence, engaging with your audience, not getting lost behind a music stand, communication in an ensemble, and interpretation of new works. But these are just the basics. More ambitious groups may be interested in learning about how to combine multiple performing arts by adding dance to a piece of music, introducing dramatic relationships into a dance or how to use music to inspire and shape a theatrical scene. Below, is a list of workshops and demonstrations that The Fourth Wall offers to folks of all ages.


Creative Process Workshop

The Fourth Wall will bring participants into its creative process using elements taken from the worlds of music, acting, and dance. Musicians will broaden their perceptions of space, actors will develop new ways to work in an ensemble, dancers will find new sources of inspiration for movement, and those who don’t consider themselves performers will have a chance to unleash their creativity.


Introduction to the Hybrid Arts, Lecture/Demonstration

The Fourth Wall will demonstrate and discuss the core elements of Hybrid Arts performance. Students will get to know a new, innovative performance style and see the various stages of development and experimentation involved in creating a hybrid arts piece.

Introduction to the Hybrid Arts, Interactive Workshop

Students will explore new ways to approach performance by combining techniques used in dance, acting, and music under the guidance of The Fourth Wall. Using a mixture of demonstrations and activities, the members of The Fourth Wall will broaden musicians’ perceptions of space, movement, and stage presence; build ensemble skills in actors; and give dancers new sources of inspiration for movement.

Chamber Music through the Hybrid Arts

Students will participate in various activities inspired by combining acting and dance with music to improve chamber music skills. By exploring different ways to relate within a chamber music group, performers will develop greater communication skills, become more responsive to real-­time changes, and increase their overall feeling of ensemble.


Hybrid Arts Interactive Workshop

Students will explore new ways to approach performing by combining techniques used in dance, acting, and music under the guidance of The Fourth Wall. Using a combination of demonstrations and activities, the members of The Fourth Wall will develop basic stage presence and ensemble skills in musicians; build ensemble skills in actors; and help dancers feel the music in new ways.


Choose from the following options to create a workshop specifically tailored to you!

LEVEL  ::  Pre-College, Undergraduate, Graduate

TOPICS  ::  Stage Presence, Working As An Ensemble, Developing a Narrative, Moving While Playing, Working with Text, Interpreting New Works, Using Instruments as Props, + Interacting With Your Audience.

Any of our workshops/demonstrations can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs.


Members of The Fourth Wall have shared their work with students of the Boston University Academy, Houston Youth Symphony, Texas State University – San Marcos, University of Houston, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, Indiana University, New York University, The Eastman School of Music, Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, the Manhattan School of Music, the Flute Society of Kentucky, and the New York and Indiana Percussive Arts Societies. The Fourth Wall is Ensemble-in-Residence for the International Flute Symposium and are teaching artists for Indiana’s Arts for Learning program.